Benefits of Jumping Rope: Should you do it?

Benefits of Jumping Rope: Should you do it?

  Have you ever wondered why a lot of people never miss their jumping rope schedule?

Well, if you do not know, there are many reasons guys like Mike Tyson jump rope on a regular basis. Wanna know?

To clear the air, I will be telling you some benefits of jumping rope – you may not even know about them.

Do you know that jumping rope can make you lose weight much faster than jogging for many miles? It is backed up by studies.

What about muscle and body development? These are just a few of the overall benefits.

Jumping rope (also known as Skipping or Rope-Jumping) is one of the few underrated workouts we do today.

On the other hand, some who know its worth are either busy or lazy to start.

For me, I think this is because of the loads of energy and coordination the physical activity requires.

So then, Jaden prefers jogging or running on a threadmill to skipping or, more likely, jogging for thirty minutes to skipping for fifteen minutes.

Benefits of jumping rope

The truth is that, there are incredible benefits of jumping rope, even if it is not everyday.

It works. It works like magic. We have seen it and it can be replicated!

Skipping is a relevant exercise in sport: Running (Race), Boxing, Soccer, Rugby, etc.

We see boxers jumping ropes almost all the time; weight-lifters too do not joke with it. They do this covered in sweats for hours.

Also interesting is the number of jumps some do daily. The average may be two thousand, depending on the individual.

Jokes apart – real body builders say they just start a workout when they start to feel the pain.

Athletes are bad guys when it comes to jumping rope as an exercise; They set high number of jumps as the target, exceed it, and set higher ones.

It is not like the normal 10-20 minutes thing.


Not a contradiction – It’s fun!

Jumping fun

You may be thinking this rope work is a difficult, boring task – that’s not true.

Today, jumping ropes is now an interesting activity to do. I mean, you could literally skip for a long time – even if it is not your thing – without knowing it.

It does not have to be done in pain like many do because of the nature of their profession or set goal.

If you are jumping rope for fitness, you don’t have to make it boring or very painful.

Connect your headphone and happily jump while playing your favourite song.

To make it more interesting, there are many tricks you can learn. Professional jumpers keep happily blowing our minds with more skills and dance moves.

What is more fun is that, jumping rope is now an interesting competition.

In fact, this year the National Jump Rope Championships in the U.S., marked her Silver Jubilee.

The body organizes jumping competition annually.

There you can watch individual and teams of jumpers showing off stunts, professionally turning the ropes.

The test is for speed, freestyles and so on. The best goes back with the trophy.

These are what give it more sense.



In short, rope jumping is an important exercise I recommend that you do everyday, because it has a way of bringing fast results.

The result you will see when you do it, will come faster than many other workouts.



Benefits of Jumping Rope Exercise

Jump rope benefits

Having laid a foundation, it would make sense if I let you know some jump rope benefits.

It will amaze you to finally know you are missing a lot if you are not doing it.

These points are based on research and studies. They can therefore be backed-up and even replicated.


A good Body Builder

Have you seen Christiano Ronaldo’s muscular body?

Apart from being a skilled footballer, the reason he is the crush of many girls is because of his thorough workouts.

Ronaldo has a well developed body – not many footballers have this. If you haven’t seen it, then wait till he puts off his shirt – just kidding, check Youtube.

You too can get your body built up like that, and jumping rope is one good start.

Understand me – I am not saying you will develop muscles, ABS and a well-built body only through skipping.

As a matter of fact, jumping rope ALONE won’t give much of the improvement you desire, but it is an effective workout.

If you want something bigger, then you should go workout in the gym.

I have seen guys out there who are obsessed with skipping – you need to see how fit they are.

Their skipping routine is showing the result in their body.


Jumping VS Treadmill

You will develop the six packs or abs you want – and even lose more weight – faster, if you focus more on jumping rope than on jogging on a threadmill.

This is because what you can do on the threadmill can be done much better and with more vigour with a rope.

But still, I don’t advise you to dump the treadmill.

Though skipping is energy-consuming than the normal jogs and related exercises, it will pay off faster because it takes more of you and your energy.

It is generally believed that, what consumes your energy will make you stronger.

What’s more? A skipping rope is way cheaper than a treadmill.

But if you already have a treadmill, you could step things up at some level: you could jump rope on the treadmill. Sounds crazy, right?

The best jump rope for body building is the weighted or heavy jump rope. Using a speed jump rope won’t do you much compared to the former.

This is why you should be careful when buying a skipping rope (if you cannot differentiate between the types).


Why jumping rope is preferable

I will paint a scenario.

Imagine you were skipping on a field – which parts of your body are ACTIVELY involved?

Did I hear you say “all”? You are right indeed. Don’t forget I said “actively”.

Here I what is going on

Your legs are busy lifting your body off the ground; your hands are turning the rope around your body; some times you may have to lean over and bend your abdomen; and so on.

All this strenuous exercises will contribute to building better you as a whole.

What is important is for you to continue the task consistently (everyday). It is the fastest way to see the result.

Compare this with jogging – less is achievable. Jogging would only use up probably half of the energy used to jump, and task lesser body parts.

Could this be the reason why you see almost no improvement after jogging for hours? Pick up a jump rope today!

Jumping rope is not the best option for muscle and body building, but it is an effective one.

If you want to jump rope for improving your muscles, I recommend you get heavy jump ropes – and have a daily workout plan.

If you want to have ABS, then the normal jumps are not enough – a mix of tricks will increase your chance.

The longer you skip, the more the result. For faster and better results, go to the gym. That still doesn’t take the place of skipping.


For Weight Loss

If you have tried several methods of burn your body calories but all failed, then here is a fail-proof way to get rid of it.

In fact, I bet you will thank me after trying this out.

Medical personnel have explained to us that, jumping rope can literally burn out body fat and calories.

A fifteen-minute workout can burn as much as 100 to 400 calories.

Calories burned while jumping rope depends on some factors, and it is usually calculated per minute.

For instance, a man weighing 150 Pounds will probably not get the same quantity of calories burned jumping rope as a 65-Pound man.

Speed is also an essential factor in estimating the number of calories burned.

There will be a clear difference between a man that jumps eighty times per minute and 60 times per minute.

What happens when you skip

When you begin, it usually seems like nothing is happening. But as you continue, the work starts to show. Your body gains temperature.

At the beginning, it is an aerobic activity.

Oxygen in your body breaks down the Sugar (Glucose) produced into energy (ATP), water and Carbon (IV) oxide.

Glucose is the form of carbohydrate/sugar the body uses.
The energy is what keeps you going.

Your heart starts to beat faster and hormones are produced to support your para-activity.

It gets to a stage where the energy required to keep you going is much more than the energy supplied by oxidising the glucose. 

Consequently, the aerobic respiration changes to anaerobic respiration to balance this need.

The fats stored in your body are then converted into Glucose, and then oxidised to energy, to strengthen you. 


This is how fats are burned in the body when doing strenuous exercises like skipping.

Can you now see how important it is to do skipping rope exercises? It works wonders.

This explains why athletes do long hours of skipping everyday.

This explains many things.

By losing weight (burning fats and calories), you will feel much lighter by the end of the day. Stuff that would normally be a challenge to do will be easier because you are more fit.  



Aside from losing weight, flexibility is also a benefit of jumping rope.

When you jump, turn your arms and shoulders, several muscles in your body are stretched. When you keep on stretching a muscles, the muscle becomes more free, less rigid.

The ball and socket joint in the shoulder and hip become more flexible.

The side effects of this for beginners is that, when you just start off, you may feel pain in some joints and muscles for a few days; but don’t freak out – it will go away. It is part of the training process.

Sometimes you have to take a break in order not to give yourself too much tension – don’t give more than you can bear.


Do you know that as you skip, you make your brain more developed to control advanced movements?

It is like a Separation Technique practised by drummers. You try to learn and master uncommon and complicated patterns, to the point that you can play them while you are not even thinking of it.

As you skip, your brain attempts to control body movements at the same time. Believe me -it is not a small thing.

This will develop your brain to do even more complicated stuff that are not related to the exercise.

In addition to that, your brain adapts by learning the new habit. So then, complex pathways are connected in the brain. You will notice that you can multi-task easily than before and do things you couldn’t do before.

It is a multi-task (or separation) exercise – your lower limbs do the jumping; your upper limbs do the turning; other parts try to align themselves trying to make sure you don’t make a mistake.

If you are just starting off, it may take a great deal of focus to do it. Only time will tell when you find out that you have exceeded the limit (and set a new world record) without knowing it.

Develop a good posture

Good posture is the one most important thing anybody can do now to look better. – Helen Gurley Brown

Here is the big question. Do you want to look healthier? Throw in some exercise. Luckily, this is one of the exercises that give fast results with a little price.

A good stance and posture reflect a proper state of mind. – Morihei Ueshiba

Having a good posture is not all about body shape – your mind is also one big part of it. So, developing it is vital and inevitable.

I want to get old gracefully. I want to have good posture, I want to be healthy and be an example to my children. – Sting

When I read the above quote, it blew my mind. Sting showed us how important a good posture is – not only for your health but for your children. You should take this seriously.

This article is limited to only jump ropes benefits: I will not cross the limits.
Instead of the hunches and wack figure you got yourself as a result of being used to bad postures, working out can significantly play a role in correcting it.

Start today!

The three quotes were sourced from AZQuotes.


Win the Trophy

I told you at the beginning of the post that, skipping has evolved to be more than just merely jumping, to adding skills – and ultimately – competing with others.

Have you watched the movie titled “Jump In”? If you haven’t, you should go watch it. The movie will prove to you that I am not telling a lie.

In the movie, some team of college students compete by trying to show off the best jump rope skills and tricks, while dancing to a song. The freestyling is the best part.

The team that impresses the audience and the panel wins the competition and progresses to the finals.

But it is not just in movies…

An annual competition is held in the U.S. by the National Jump Rope Championships. The body clocked 25 this year.

In the jumping competition you will witness different kinds of skills that will leave your mouth wide open.  

The best team returns home with the prize.

What is more interesting is that, as jumpers keep the audience entertained, they have fun themselves. They do what they enjoy most and cook up good stunts on stage.


Reduces Stress and Anxiety

Jump ropes are a good tool for you to reduce your stress level. Stress is not good for you. I don’t even wish it for my haters. It can cause Hypertension; Hypertension can led to death.

You know the importance of exercising with respect to wellness: livens your mood, reduces blood glucose level, induces sleep (fights insomnia), fights stress, depression and anxiety.

Overall, you can improve the quality of life you live. Jumping rope is one out of many that work the wonders.

According to Adaa, exercising for about five minutes can induce anti-anxiety effects because the brain stimulates hormones in the act. Therefore, tension can decrease significantly.

It should be done in and for excitement – not like some 9-5 job. We probably do not yet value the place of exercising.

Now, apart from this, exercising alongside adequate relaxation is crucial – very crucial.

You have heated up your brain: you want to counter-balance the energy you dissipated with a good night sleep so that you will wake up feeling refreshed and energised.


Improves Cardiovascular Health

Here is more reason you should take this seriously.

The American Heart Association journal Circulation reported that over 250,000 deaths per year in the United States, is due to lack of good quality exercise.

Since jump roping increases the heart beat rate, it improves heart power – that is, it improves the cardiovascular system.

The whole process of pumping and transporting blood is consequently improved.

A research conducted by the American Association for Health, Physical Education and Recreation for six weeks, showed that students who jogged jumped rope for 10 minutes daily for the period, improved their cardiovascular fitness as much as others who spent 30 minutes of jogging for the same period of time.
Source: Webmd

So then, we can’t argue that the workout does not improve cardiovascular health – QED.

Muscles have to be used. Inactive muscles will wear out. The heart is a muscle that constantly pumps blood all day, all night. We have to assist the organ to do its job by exercising: jump roping is a good one.

You don’t exercise, you increase your proneness to cardiovascular diseases; you do it, you decrease the risk.


Increases Bone Density

Rickets, Osteomalacia, Osteoporosis, are diseases associated with bones.

It is usually advised that people suffering from these diseases should engage in physical activities that strengthens the bone – not hiit though. They should also eat food rich in Calcium and Phosphorus.

It is not recommended for people suffering from weak bones to get up one day and start skipping – a doctor should first be consulted.

For people with normal bone strength, it is advisable to take it up. You will be doing your bones the favour.

It is just that bones cannot speak or express themselves – if not, you will see them bashing you a big smile and saying, “thank you, bro.”


Increase Speed and Leg Power

In general, most athletes never joke with jump roping; it is an essential part of their workout.

The jump rope benefits for runners and other sportsmen are that, it notably improves leg power, improves coordination and improves speed. What else would a sportsman ask for?

For this reason, you may find him sweating and in severe pain while doing his thing, yet he keeps pressing for the mark.

Trying to take skipping as a new companion can something be painful and uncomfortable, but this is small to stop a winner like you from moving on.

If you want to keep to the daily routine, I suggest that you have a goal.

For example, why do I want to jump rope? Because I want to lose weight. So then, let me jump rope for weight loss, in addition to going to the gym.

Remember, consistency is king. Don’t miss a day. Take up my challenge. When you start getting a hang of it, don’t stop when you are tired, but when you are done.

It is more than a twelve-year-old girl hobby or a boxer’s compulsory workout – it is for everyone.

As you have seen the benefits of jumping rope, it is my desire that you do the thing and achieve more than you expect.



Emma Ayo

Emma is the CEO of SimplyBioHealth. His passionate interest in living a healthy and fit lifestyle and improving living standard, drove him to creating this blog. Here, he shares only the fitness tips that work.